Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Jessie's Black and Turquoise Set ( necklacechain, braceletchain, earrings with sterling 925 hooks)



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This is a stunning southwestern necklace set. The set includes black round, black bi-cone, black flat and turquoise glass beads. The necklace has a black filigree, under a round silver filigree, with black chain pendant, and measures 18". The matching bracelet is 7".The earrings are 3" long with 925 sterling silver hooks.\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666Any questions? Feel free to convo.Also, we do ship internationally. Thanks for stopping by!! =), southwestern

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